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Quebec, best city in Canada for millennials

Quebec, best city in Canada for millennials

The oldest millennials will turn 40 this year. Some have just started their own families, while many are considering buying their first home or moving to a new city. And if affordable housing, reliable incomes and good health care are pillars, factors such as satisfaction with the quality of life and the climate could also become more important for millennials seeking housing.

To obtain this ranking, Point2 analyzed nine factors among the 85 largest Canadian cities. Apart from income and housing, they also took into account seven other criteria considered important for millennials: unemployment rate, quality of life, crime rate, health care, climate, level of education and the percentage of the population. Generation Y in the total population.

Quebec City ranks number 1 among these 85 Canadian cities. Here is the breakdown of the analyzed elements:

Real estate prices

The three most affordable housing markets among the 10 most attractive cities for millennials are Trois-Rivières, QC ($ 174,500); Halifax, Nova Scotia ($ 181,827) and Lévis, Quebec ($ 245,000).


Ottawa and St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, have the highest median incomes among the top 10 cities for millennials. Specifically, both cities have incomes hovering around $ 125,000. The only other cities with higher incomes for this age group were Quebec and Lévis, both at $ 118,410.


Quebec City has the lowest unemployment rate of any city in the analysis. Next come Sherbrooke, QC and London, ON, which makes these three cities the most attractive from this point of view.

Crime rate

According to Statistics Canada, “all measures of the Crime Severity Index [CSI] – the overall ISC, the violence ICS and the non-violence ICS, Lévis and Quebec City are attractive metropolises to have one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Life satisfaction

The cities where Generation Y is the most satisfied with their lifestyle are Trois-Rivières and Quebec.

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