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Ramadan: 7 surprising health benefits of fasting

Ramadan: 7 surprising health benefits of fasting

Along with the spiritual and psychological benefits, fasting also brings a number of health benefits. In this month of Ramadan, take the opportunity to do good for your body and your mind!

Give up bad habits

Ramadan is the perfect time to give up your bad habits for good. Vices such as smoking and sugary foods should not be consumed during Ramadan, and as you abstain from them, your body will gradually acclimatize to their absence, until your addiction is eliminated for good.

It’s also much easier to break habits when you do it in a group, which should be easy to come by during Ramadan. The ability of fasting to help you kick bad habits is so important that the UK’s National Health Service recommends it as the perfect time to quit smoking.

Detoxify the body

According to experts, Ramadan is the best time to naturally detoxify the body and start a healthy lifestyle. Fasting from dawn to sunset requires no consumption of water, food or even chewing gum, which allows the body to rest and forces the body to use stored energy, thus allowing movement faster metabolism, which allows weight loss, purifies the intestine and helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

Control cholesterol levels

Fasting brings a number of health benefits. One of them is a reduction in blood cholesterol, which results from the positive effects of fasting on the lipid profile.

This in turn leads to great improvements in your overall cardiovascular health, which greatly reduces your risk of suffering from heart disease, heart attack or stroke.

As you have the opportunity to eat healthier for an entire month, this is a great opportunity to change your eating habits for good, and if you continue to follow a healthy diet after Ramadan ends, that newly lowered cholesterol level should be much easier to maintain.

Losing weight

According to studies, intermittent fasting is quite effective for weight loss and fat loss. When we limit our food intake during the day, we reduce our risk of developing chronic diseases, including cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, and blood pressure. Fasting for longer leads to a metabolic shift that helps stimulate rapid weight loss.

Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Intermittent fasting is known to have major benefits when it comes to insulin resistance. Anything that can help control the insulin in your body will cause an impressive reduction in blood sugar levels.

Improve your digestive system

Observing Ramadan and fasting has a positive impact on a lifestyle and digestive system. A human body naturally detoxifies after a month of eliminating toxins in the body. Moreover, it balances heat generation and acidity levels in the human stomach.

Reduce oxidative stress and body inflammation

Oxidative stress is considered a progression towards aging and several chronic diseases. Numerous studies show that intermittent fasting improves the body’s resistance to oxidative stress and helps reduce body inflammation, which is a major cause of many diseases.

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