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Ranking of Arab countries in the prosperity index

Ranking of Arab countries in the prosperity index

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world in the Global Prosperity Index for the year 2021 issued by the British Legatum Institute, while Yemen came with the lowest prosperity rates in the classification.

The Prosperity Index is an annual ranking developed by the Legatum Institute. The index is based on a variety of factors including wealth, economic growth, quality of life, health, education and personal well-being.

The purpose of the index is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of countries to identify the economic choices that must be made to continue building inclusive societies, unlocking innovation, and enabling people to achieve prosperity.

The index measures the performance of 167 countries, based on 12 pillars in three basic areas of prosperity, including the comprehensive standards of societies, the investment environment and open economies, and the living, health and educational conditions of people.

In the Arab world, the UAE (41 globally) ranked first, followed by Qatar (46 globally), Bahrain (56 globally), Kuwait (58 globally), the Sultanate of Oman (67 globally), and Saudi Arabia (75 globally).

At the global level, Denmark came at the top of the list of the most prosperous countries, followed by Norway and Sweden, followed by Finland and then Switzerland.

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