The plane which has to make the return trip between Morocco and Canada scheduled for July 2nd will only leave on July 4th with 290 passengers on board from Casablanca.

The 290 seats departing from Casablanca have been sold at 7500 DH each (4500 DH for children under two years old instead of 100 DH). The same plane will have to make the trip in the opposite direction with on board 290 Moroccans blocked in Canada since the beginning of the pandemic and the closing of the borders. This will be the first repatriation flight. The passengers carried are the responsibility of the Moroccan State. They will be disembarked in Agadir where they will have to spend a mandatory 14-day period of confinement.

The Moroccan Consulate in Montreal has prepared everything. It is just waiting for the green light from the Moroccan authorities to contact the people.

To date, there are 700 people waiting to be repatriated.

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