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Sentencing of journalist Khaled Drareni: Canadian Prime Minister follows the case

Algerian human rights expert based in Canada Sofiane Chouiter announced last Saturday on his Facebook page that the Canadian Foreign Ministry intends to follow the case of journalist Khaled Drareni.

The lawyer said that the office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau informed him that “Khaled Drareni’s file has been forwarded to the Canadian Foreign Office for follow-up to the Algerian authorities.””

“I gave Mr. Justin Trudeau a file on the Khaled Drareni case,” he said. The lawyer had, it will be recalled, seized the special rapporteurs of the United Nations in charge of the questions of the human rights special rapporteur in charge of the human rights of the African Union, on the same case.

Remember also that journalist Khaled Drareni was sentenced on August 10 to three years in prison.

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