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Some tips to get cheap plane tickets from Arab and international airlines

Some tips to get cheap plane tickets from Arab and international airlines

As the spring season approaches and the holy month of Ramadan approaches, when friends and relatives visit each other, the search for affordable airfare has intensified. But getting a cheap plane ticket is not an easy thing, because many factors control the price, including the long distance between the departure and arrival countries, energy prices, in addition to the tourist season.

Economic offers:

Most airlines in the Arab region, and even the world, offer what are called “economy offers”. You can browse the websites of companies, including but not limited to Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Emirates, Royal Air Maroc, Tunisair and Air Algérie, which offer a list of monthly savings offers, where the ticket price in many cases does not exceed $150.

According to the website ShipFlights, which specializes in finding the best prices, airlines around the world reduce ticket prices after the end of the first week of January until the end of the same month, and at the beginning of September each year. . period is $200, and it can drop to less than $20, if the trip is to the European Union, for example, or to the Gulf countries.

You must watch and follow:

Many Arab airlines seek to exploit supply and demand conditions in the aviation sector and promote certain tourist locations. For example, the price of a flight via a number of Arab airlines to Azerbaijan and Armenia drops to $200 during the months of February and Considering that the cold weather in these countries can be a barrier for tourists , especially from the Gulf countries, who prefer to visit these countries in spring and summer.

Moreover, some Gulf countries are also launching promotional campaigns to increase tourist appeal with travel tickets not exceeding $100 as temperatures escalate. With the high rate of adventure and entertainment programs offered by governments, tourists are attracted to these countries even though the temperatures are high.

But if you want to book a low-cost tourist trip outside the scope of the offers offered by the airlines, you must follow several steps, including starting to search for travel tickets 3 months before the flight date, because the airlines set usually the margin for the cost of flights, without calculating profitability, so the price can be very low.

For example, Qatar Airways offers transit passengers the opportunity to stay within Qatar between 48 and 72 hours, as is the case in many Arab countries, allowing tourists to experience more than one tourist destination during a trip. trip, and guaranteeing very low prices.

In the past period, many Asian countries have launched transit tourism services, for example, which was planned by the Singapore authorities, as the authorities allowed visitors to stay between 6 and 72 hours, which distinguishes these trips, which specialized tourist teams take the tourist on a trip to the heritage and cultural places of the country.

Tip to save:

Scott Keys (founder of a website specializing in finding and booking airline tickets), said: “There is one money-saving tip that all travelers should use when searching for flights, and that is when looking for a ticket for a group of people, compare the price with the If only one or two seats were reserved.

Keys explains this advice in his interview with the American network CNBC, saying: “Airlines generally sell their tickets in the form of slides, which means that a flight can contain 10 tickets available for 99 dollars, for example, and 15 tickets are available. For $129, 30 more are available for $149, and so on. When a cheaper segment is sold out, much more expensive tickets are offered to customers searching for the flight.

“This means that if a family of four is looking for a flight, the airline’s ticketing system will only show them tickets in the segment where there is still room for four,” adds the expert, while ‘there may still be a possibility to buy two. tickets for the price. less.

“If there are only two seats left in the cheapest segment and you need three tickets, it will take you directly to the next group, and as far as I know, almost all airlines adopt this same system of sale tickets,” he explains.

According to the American report “CNBC”, “There are a number of strategies that people divide when buying plane tickets, ranging

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