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The 10 most coveted countries for expatriation: Canada 1st, Qatar 5th, France absent

The Remitly site analyzed research results associated with expatriation. It has just published the most coveted destinations in the world. In this ranking we find Canada in first position, followed by Japan and Spain.

Canada is rated as one of the safest countries in the Global Peace Index, with low unemployment and many opportunities for immigration. It’s no surprise then that it is above the rest of the world.

Japan is in 2nd place: Canadians, Americans, and Australians, as well as 10 other countries whose nationals want to work and live in the land of the rising sun.

Spain is in 3rd position, with 12 nationalities wishing to live there. In 4th position, we find Germany, which is very popular among Europeans, with 8 nationalities who want to leave their country to live there.

In 5th position we find Qatar, the only Arab country in the Top 10. Australia is in 6th position, followed by Switzerland (7th), Portugal (8th), the United States (9th) which are also the favorite destination of Russians, and in 10th place we find the United Kingdom.

Two major European countries are missing from the Top 10 in this ranking: France and Italy.

Where do North Africans want to go?

Remitly’s results show that Moroccans especially want to live in Turkey, and Tunisians want to move and work in Canada. There is no data on Algerians in this ranking.

As for the rest of Africa, the most common destination is Canada. The exception is Egypt, whose citizens want to live in Oman, and Mozambique and Cape Verde whose inhabitants want to live in Portugal.

Saudis want to live in Qatar

Another curious fact, Qatar is apparently a very popular destination in the Middle East, nationals of Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Sri Lanka and the Maldives all want to live and work in Qatar.

The French and the British want to go to Canada

Canada is the most popular destination in the world, with 30 countries whose nationals want to emigrate to this country which favors immigration. Among these nationals are the French, the English and the Irish.

The 10 most coveted countries for expatriation: ranking produced by Remitly (2020)

  1. Canada
  2. Japan
  3. Spain
  4. Germany
  5. Qatar
  6. Australia
  7. Swiss
  8. Portugal
  9. United States
  10. UK

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