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The Canadian passport is one of the five most powerful passports in the world

The Passport Index, created by Arton Capital, published a list of passports that were strongest in 2020, and the Canadian passport dropped a score in the top five.

When it comes to what makes a passport so powerful, it’s all about global mobility, which includes the freedom to travel and move around the world.

The Passport Index is based on the number of countries that grant visa-free access to each passport holder.

However, the year 2020 saw a strange change in classification due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the index revealed that the epidemic has closed following a global opening of 65% and , as a result, many passports received much lower ratings than in previous years.

As for Canada’s classification over the years:

2015 – 6th place, 153 degrees visa-free

2016 – 6th place, 152 points without visa

2017 – 4th place, 158 degree without visa

2018 – 4th place, 158 degree visa-free

2019 – 4th place, degree 164 visa-free

Unsurprisingly, European passports remained at the top of the table, with the top spot shared with Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and South Korea.

Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Japan and New Zealand rank second.

For comparison, the United States has fallen sharply this year, dropping from third to 19th place.

And last year, the Passport Index also published the strongest passports of the decade. The whole of 2010 has been linked to the increase in the power of passports, which has led to an evolution of passports considered to be the most powerful in the world.

The United Arab Emirates had the highest mobility score over the decade, while Afghanistan was the lowest.

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