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The majority of immigrants don’t arrive as permanent residents

Canada welcomed more than one million new immigrants during the year 2019, according to Canadian government data published in the 2020 annual report on immigration presented to Parliament, specialized media CIC News reported on Monday, November 9.

More than 341,000 newcomers to Canada have arrived as permanent residents, while 400,000 have arrived on study visas and another 400,000 have been granted work permits. “This reminds us that most newcomers to Canada do not arrive as permanent residents, but rather on a temporary basis,” said the same source.

Of the 341,000 new permanent residents, nearly 60% of them arrived under the economic category, or nearly 200,000 immigrants, 90,000 of whom arrived through the “express entry” program. 71% of immigrants who arrived through “express entry” landed in Ontario, followed by British Columbia (17%) and Alberta (8%).

90,000 new immigrants have arrived as part of the family category, almost all of them through the program for wives, partners and children, also specifies the same source.

Canada is also aiming to achieve a francophone immigration target of 4.4% of newcomers to Canada settling outside Quebec by 2023, up from 2.82% in 2019, reports CIC News.

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