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The most common reasons why immigrants leave Canada

The most common reasons why immigrants leave Canada

For many immigrants, despite the enthusiasm of moving to Canada for a professional adventure, after a few years they may change their mind. Some realize that life in Canada was not what they were looking for, especially because of the difficulty of finding work in their field. So they decided to return to their country of origin.

For others, it was not necessarily the difficulties in finding a job that led to a change of direction but rather the loneliness and distance from their family. Also other newcomers, although they love their adopted country, want to leave it after living there for several years. They love their life but feel that they are stagnating professionally and that the cost of living has become too high.

Finally, with the pandemic of COVID-19 in the last few years, many immigrants have been turned upside down in their choice of life and wanted to return to their country of origin in order to get closer to their roots. During the pandemic, they developed a heavy sense of isolation and missed their families and long-time friends. They need to find a sense of comfort and security with their loved ones.

Here are the most common reasons for returning to one’s home country, in no particular order:


Canada is known for its cold, harsh winters, and for some people, this may be reason enough to leave.

Career opportunities:

Although Canada offers career opportunities in many industries, some people may find that career opportunities are limited in their field or city.

Cost of living:

The cost of living in Canada can be high, especially in large cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, which can make it difficult for some people to live comfortably.

Quality of life:

Although Canada is considered a country with an excellent quality of life, some people may not feel comfortable with certain aspects of Canadian life, such as the health care system, public services, culture or laws.

Cultural differences:

Canada is a multicultural country, but that does not mean that everyone fits in easily. Some people may feel excluded or isolated because of significant cultural differences.

Distance from family and friends:

For those who have family or friends abroad, distance can be difficult to overcome, especially if important events occur in their lives.

The need for a change of scenery:

Some people may simply feel the need to change their surroundings and discover new places.

The desire to learn a new language:

For some people, the opportunity to learn a new language or to live in a country where that language is spoken fluently may be sufficient motivation to move.

Immigration challenges:

People who have immigrated to Canada may face challenges with citizenship or permanent residency, which can make it difficult to stay in the country. Desire to return to one’s country of origin: Finally, some people may simply have a desire to return to their country of origin, perhaps due to factors such as family, friends, culture, language or professional opportunities.

In summary, difficulties in finding work, related to the high cost of living, loneliness and distance from family are common issues. However, it is also important to note that these experiences are personal and others may have a different experience living in Canada.

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