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The ranking of Arab countries of Henley Passport Index of 2022

The ranking of Arab countries of Henley Passport Index of 2022

The Henley International Corporation for Travel and Residence Affairs issued its annual list of the strongest and weakest passports in the world, which includes all 199 countries around the world. Afghan travel list.

Many people wondered about the strength of the passports of Arab countries, due to the great disparity between Arab passports. The UAE passport is issued in the fifteenth place globally with 175 travel destinations around the world without a visa. The destinations included countries in North America in addition to all European Union countries Here is the complete list of Arab passports.

Ranking the passports of the Arab countries from the strongest to the least powerful:

  1. The UAE are 15 in the world, 175 destinations.
  2. Qatar 53 in the world, 97 destinations.
  3. Bahrain 62nd worldwide, 84 destinations.
  4. Oman 64th worldwide, 80 destinations.
  5. Saudi Arabia is 65th in the world, with 79 destinations.
  6. Tunisia 72nd worldwide, 71 destinations.
  7. Morocco is 79th in the world, 64 destinations.
  8. Mauritania 84 overall, 59 destinations.
  9. Algeria, Egypt and Jordan, 91 in the world, 52 travel destinations.
  10. Lebanon 104 in the world, 41 travel destinations.
  11. Sudan 102 in the world, 41 destinations.
  12. Libya 103 in the world, 40 destinations.
  13. Palestine 105 in the world, 37 destinations.
  14. Somalia 106 in the world, 34 destinations.
  15. Yemen is 107 in the world, 33 destinations.
  16. Syria 109 in the world, 29 destinations.
  17. Iraq 110 in the world, 28 destinations.

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