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These fabulous places to visit in Canada in winter

These fabulous places to visit in Canada in winter

The name Canada always brings us back to immigration, cold and you are absolutely right. Unpretentious, Canada is a place where you can feel the joy of life the most in winter. Coast to coast there are beautiful spots where you could enjoy ice activities like skiing, skating, biking with oversized tires, viewing the Northern Lights, and winter festivities.

Here is a list of wonderful places where you could enjoy the winter.

1. Niagara Falls

It is arguably the most famous place in Canada outside. But did you know that in winter it shows you an even more magnificent spectacle? Because of the freezing temperatures, the waters freeze and the falls stagnate. From November to January, you can participate in the Festival of light or Festival of lights. This festival captures the magic of the holiday season, so be sure to witness their brightest season!

The iconic 8 km course traverses the beautiful landscapes of Niagara Parks, the Dufferin Islands and surrounding tourist districts to transform the city into a winter wonderland. As a treasured holiday tradition for people around the world, the Winter Festival of Lights attracts over one million visitors each season.

2. Old Quebec

Old Quebec is the historic heart of Quebec City. During winter, you will be entitled to the Pentathlon des neiges on the Plains of Abraham site. In February, the Quebec Winter Carnival takes place. Old Quebec is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can experience the ambiance of a French Christmas village in America.

3. The City of Ottawa

Our beautiful federal capital is also not left behind in the beauty of Canada. In winter, the 8 km Rideau Canal becomes the longest natural skating rink in the world. We have festivals like Winterlude which takes place on the first three weekends of the month.

4. Toronto

The queen city is an attraction in winter. First of all through its various activities such as the Santa Claus parade, but especially its Christmas market. It is one of the most famous and largest in Canada. It is open from mid-November to mid-December. You also have beautiful ski slopes around such as Mount St. Louis or Horseshoe Resort.

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