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Toronto: An online grocery store to promote Moroccan cuisine

A brand new virtual grocery store that offers Moroccan cuisine products is now available in Ontario. Based in Toronto, launched on Wednesday.

Like many Moroccans in the greater Toronto area, Marouane Falaki struggled to find the products she needed to cook the dishes of her home country.

“There were a few spots scattered around the GTA and they didn’t have all the products we needed. There wasn’t the offer we were looking for, so we decided to take that risk in e-commerce. Moroccans, ”he explains.

Thus was born the site which intends above all to serve the Moroccan, Maghrebian and Arab community in general. The very name of the virtual grocery store, which means local grocer, is also meant to unite and evoke memories of the country.

“The local grocer was the only place to get food in Morocco. It remains the favorite place of Moroccans. There is an emotional connection and friendship between the vendors and the customers,” said Mr. Falaki.

Some products are imported, others come from other Canadian provinces, particularly Quebec.

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