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Towards the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel, according to the Washington Post

Morocco could be one of the next Arab countries to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel, The Washington Post reported on Friday, citing US officials.

The media considers that Morocco is a “potential candidate”, in particular because of the trade relations between the two countries and the presence of a Jewish community on its territory, despite the Moroccan Association of support for the struggle of the Palestinian people having already taken a stand against the UAE’s initiative by renewing its support for the Palestinian cause.

Indeed, according to the same source (Washington Post), the adviser and son-in-law of Trump “did not specify which would be the next Arab countries which would be ready to open a new page in their relations with the Hebrew state””. Adding that State Department officials said the likely candidates included Oman, Bahrain and Morocco.

As a reminder, the United Arab Emirates and Israel agreed on August 13 to normalize their relations as part of a historic agreement negotiated by the United States, under which the Jewish state agreed to end the prosecution of annexation of Palestinian territory.

According to the agreement, the UAE and Israel will establish diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors. The agreement makes the United Arab Emirates the third Arabic-speaking country to officially recognize Israel after Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994.

Standardization has elicited diverse responses in the Middle East and North Africa region. Egypt, Oman and Bahrain have publicly expressed their support for the deal between the UAE and Israel.

Meanwhile, Palestine, Iran and Turkey have criticized the deal, dismissing it as a “betrayal” of the Palestinian cause.

Other countries in the region, including Morocco, have not issued any official statements regarding the “historic” deal, as described by the UAE and Israel.

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