Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, kneeling on the ground, joined thousands of protesters in Ottawa Friday to denounce racism and police violence after the death of George Floyd in the United States.

The Prime Minister, wearing a black mask on his face, accompanied by Family Minister Ahmed Hussen, joined the movement in front of Parliament, which was demonstrating in homage to George Floyd, whose death triggered a wave of protests around the world.

For the occasion, the Prime Minister did not address the crowd. He merely nodded his head in approval and applauded the speeches.

“In recent weeks, many Canadians have come to realize that discrimination is a reality experienced by a significant number of our fellow citizens… It must stop,” Justin Trudeau said earlier today.

For one of the demonstrators, Stéphane Kribodo, racism exists everywhere in the world: in France, the United States, Canada. We want it to change.

In support of the movement, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders also took a knee to the ground when he came to meet the protesters in the downtown area. This gesture was welcomed by Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

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