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Tunisia wins 62 medals at Miami olive oil competition

Tunisia wins 62 medals at Miami olive oil competition

On Wednesday, the American Embassy in Tunisia congratulated Tunisia after winning 62 gold medals at the United States International Olive Oil Competition (USIOOC), held in Miami.

The embassy said in a blog post on Facebook that “Tunisia wins 62 medals at Miami olive oil competition in various categories at the competition in which 100 companies from 13 countries took part”.

She noted that “exceptional Tunisian olive oil is available on the American market”, underlining that the Maghreb country “was the largest supplier of organic olive oil to the United States in 2023.

The competition page on Facebook, in turn, published a list containing dozens of winning Tunisian samples from this competition, in which several other Arab countries took part, including Libya, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

The Tunisian press agency said in a statement: “Tunisian institutions took part in this competition with around 200 samples of extra virgin olive oil, in the presence of an international jury comprising 11 international experts from Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Morocco and Jordan.

By the time of this year’s race, Tunisia had already won first place worldwide at the International European Olive Oil Competition in Switzerland, the International Scandinavian Olive Oil Competition in Copenhagen and the International Afro-Asian Olive Oil Competition in Abu Dhabi.

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