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United States: two Palestinian Muslim women elected to the American Congress

Five Muslim American Democrats won seats in the US Congress, including Palestinian Muslim women Iman Jodeh who is the second to take the seat after Rashida Tleib, whose mandate has been renewed.

Palestinian Democratic candidate Iman Jodeh was elected to US Congress in the state of colorado. along with her, four other American Democrats of the Muslim faith were also elected in the states of Oklehoma, Deleware, Wisconsin and Florida.

” we did it ! I ran to make the American dream a reality for everyone. I am proud to be a first generation Muslim, Palestinian American and American. And I am proud to be able to represent my communities and the people of Colorado State! now let’s get to work, ”she said on Twitter.

Iman Jodeh is now the second Muslim woman of Palestinian descent to hold the seat, as Congresswoman Rashida Tleib was the first to serve in the US Congress in 2018 in the state of Michigan, her term has been renewed.

Just to be clear, Iman Jodeh has a master’s degree in general management and teaches at the University of Denver. In 2008, she founded a non-profit organization to “establish a pon between Americans and the Middle East and to make known the Americans of this region”, she also worked as “coordinator of activities within of the religion alliance association in the state of Colorado ”.

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