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United States: when Joe Biden says “inchallah” to Donald Trump

Joe Biden, Democratic candidate for the next US presidential elections, stood out yesterday Tuesday, September 29, in the first televised debate against his rival, incumbent President Donald Trump.

As the President of the United States was asked about his tax returns which he still has not presented publicly more than five years after the announcement of his successful campaign, Joe Biden surprised viewers by using the phrase Arabic “inchallah””.

“You will have the opportunity to view my tax returns,” Donald Trump said to the interviewer interviewing him. That’s when Joe Biden steps in by asking, “When? Inchallah? ”

Greeted with surprise by viewers who weren’t sure they had heard correctly, the former US vice president’s campaign confirmed that Mr. Biden used the term “inshallah” correctly.

The relevance of Joe Biden’s ironic use of the term to Trump’s long-awaited but never seen tax returns has been hailed by the American Muslim community.

“Not only did Biden say ‘Inshallah’, but he said it in the colloquial context meaning ‘not really’”, said in this context Shahed Amanullah, former adviser to the US State Department on the Twitter social network.

“Joe Biden really said inchallah during the debate, 2020 is really a different year,” said an American Internet user. “Now that Biden has used inchallah, it’s not cool for white people to use that term anymore. Mashallah, Soubhanallah, and Hamdoullah are next on the list, ”another Internet user quipped.

While the use of the phrase has been appreciated by the majority American Muslim community, the use of the term has been negatively received by conservative Americans, but also by some American Muslims. “Biden said in July that we should teach more about Islam in our schools and he casually used the term’ inchallah ’’. Food for thought, ”said DeAnna Lorraine, former Republican candidate for Congress.

“Inshallah refers directly to Allah, a god who denies that Christ is the Son of God. Why would Biden say that? Think about it, estimated as for an Internet user affiliated with the American evangelical movement.

“Did Trump say inshallah?” Yes. Has the Obama administration launched drone strikes against Muslims? Yes, “said another netizen, referring to the policy of extrajudicial killings implemented by the US government under President Barack Obama (of which Joe Biden was vice-president) against targets defined as terrorist.

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