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US election: Biden is Arab favorite

The inhabitants of the Arab world have made their choice for the presidential election in the United States: Democratic candidate Joe Biden is the best option and Arab favorite for them, far ahead of incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, according to a poll released on Sunday.

About 39% of 3,097 people polled in eighteen countries in the Middle East and North Africa said they were in favor of Barack Obama’s former vice president in his run for the White House against Donald Trump, who did not ‘obtained only 12% favorable opinions in this poll carried out by the British institute YouGov for the Saudi daily Arab News.

Still, when asked which of the two would be the best for the Arab world, “most of the people questioned (49%) think that neither of the two candidates will be, but that Mr. Biden is a better option”, noted the institute.

The presidential election on November 3 will be closely watched in the Arab world, where the United States plays a key role.

Mr. Trump is considered to be the preferred candidate of Arab governments, especially those of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for a number of reasons, including his strong stance against their regional rival, Iran.

And, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, Mr. Trump has supported Arab leaders, including Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in the face of alleged human rights violations.

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