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What does Justin Trudeau’s re-election change for immigration?

What does Justin Trudeau’s re-election change for immigration?

It was polling day Monday, September 20 across Canada to determine who will rule the country for the next several years. It was Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) that won for a third consecutive term. In Canada, federal elections are used to choose a Canadian prime minister and thus his political party.

In Canada, governments are normally elected for a four-year term but since Justin Trudeau, first elected in 2015, was re-elected on October 21, 2019 with a minority in government, Canadians were to expect another election in 18 months to two years. And that’s exactly what Justin Trudeau took as a gamble by launching an election campaign this summer and hoping for a majority this time around. A bet that he lost since his party still finds itself in the position of minority government in the Canadian parliament in Ottawa, which means that it depends heavily on the opposition parties in order to make major changes in the laws of Canada. country.

Current Canadian immigration minister Marco Mendicino has been re-elected but Justin Trudeau’s government will soon introduce a new cabinet and so this ministry could be headed by another minister.

What does it make for the candidates to immigrate this election? As this is a minority government with no balance of power, there will be little change in the direction of the party’s policies on immigration. So Canadians, newcomers and would-be immigrants should instead expect the status quo.

This spring the Canadian government announced a new platform to speed up immigration procedures to the country. And in the fall of 2020, the same government said it expected to welcome 1.2 million new people by 2023. So Canada will continue to receive thousands of immigrants each year. The Liberal Party still wants to attract as many immigrants to the country in order to revive the current economic situation amid a pandemic and labor shortages in many fields.

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