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WhatsApp finally makes it possible to send ephemeral messages

WhatsAp is a popular instant messaging platform today, and very comprehensive. Missing, however, a feature appreciated elsewhere, ephemeral messages. It is now repaired.

Although our smartphones today are, for the most part, encrypted and prevent the curious from accessing them unless they are explicitly authorized, the content they contain is not 100% secure. It is for this reason that sometimes having multiple layers of security is not a bad idea, although it may seem redundant or even ineffective. And the question is even more important if you are handling sensitive data or information. This can be particularly useful on a messaging service like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp finally deploys its ephemeral messages

Good news for WhatsApp users today. The platform has finally rolled out its ephemeral – self-destructing – message functionality. When enabled, this option allows messages to be automatically deleted after 7 days. Note, this feature only affects messages sent after it is activated. Messages sent before you complete the operation will not be deleted. Important to know if you want to preserve all or part of your conversation histories with so and so.

A limited option that has the merit of existing

That being said, WhatsApp recognizes that there are some limitations with this kind of functionality. First, users on both sides will need to have the option enabled for it to work. For example, if Person A has ephemeral messages enabled but Person B has not, the messages between them will not automatically delete after 7 days. Additionally, WhatsApp warns that there may be instances where ephemeral messages are not erased, such as when displayed in notification previews, quoted, or forwarded to other conversations where the messages are Ephemeral are not activated.

The functionality at least has the merit of existing. If you want to take advantage of it, make sure you have the latest version of the app. And let the recipient know that you want to take advantage of the option if you want it to be effective!

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