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World record: 85% of newcomers become Canadian citizens

World record: 85% of newcomers become Canadian citizens

Canada is the country that offers one of the highest naturalization rates in the world, approximately 85% of newcomers become Canadian citizens. Canadian citizenship means that you are fully Canadian until the end of your life. Your rights are equivalent to any other Canadian and this status is irrevocable unless fraud allowed it to be obtained.


To become a Canadian citizen, you must meet certain requirements:

  1. be a permanent resident of Canada;
  2. have lived in Canada for at least 3 of the last 5 years;
  3. have filed your income tax return, if applicable;
  4. pass an exam on your rights and responsibilities, as well as your knowledge of Canada;
  5. prove that you master one of the 2 languages of the country, either French or English.

After completing the fifth step, the candidate must attend a citizenship ceremony session in person at the offices of Immigration Canada (IRCC) or since the pandemic by videoconference with a judge for oaths. Unusual fact for many new citizens in the process of becoming Canadians, during this session, it will be necessary to pledge allegiance to the Canadian head of state, in this case the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

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