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Worrying increase in the number of immigrants leaving Canada

Worrying increase in the number of immigrants leaving Canada

A worrying phenomenon is emerging in Canada: a growing number of immigrants leaving Canada, thus jeopardizing national objectives of demographic and economic growth based on immigration.

A recent report from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and the Conference Board of Canada highlighted a significant increase in the number of immigrants who decide to leave again after settling. In fact, 60,000 immigrants left Canada in 2017, and this figure increased to 67,000 in 2019, an increase of 31% compared to the historical average. These figures represent an alarming trend and a challenge for Canada’s migration strategy.

These are big, big numbers of people who decided it was impossible or that they didn’t want to continue in Canada. This is very worrying for everyone.

The study, “Missed Opportunities,” highlights the need for increased attention from researchers, policymakers and government on immigrant retention.

Research indicates that on average, 14.6% of immigrants leave Canada within 15 years of obtaining their permanent residence. The study does not distinguish between immigrants according to their language.

Several factors contribute to this phenomenon: economic integration, the feeling of belonging, racism, access to property, and competition from other countries. “Immigrating to Canada has never been easy, there have always been challenges to overcome, but this study highlights a growing sense of disillusionment. After trying their luck in Canada, more and more immigrants are saying “no thanks” and leaving.

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