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You must have eSIM on your smartphone if you travel frequently

You must have eSIM on your smartphone if you travel frequently

The use of eSIM on your smartphone, a dematerialized version of the physical SIM card, will explode among travelers. In addition to the fact that this technology is ultra practical (it does not require the purchase of a physical card), it would also be, on average, less expensive than roaming from operators.

The use of eSIM in place of physical SIM cards is gradually becoming more widespread, as this technology is adopted by smartphone manufacturers and operating systems. And, in the coming years, the use of eSIM could be particularly popular with travelers, according to a new study from Juniper Research, reported by Android Authority. The reason ? In addition to being convenient for staying connected while traveling abroad, using an eSIM-based offer would also be cheaper compared to operator roaming, on average.

Sharp increase in eSIM use among travelers

According to Android Authority, Juniper Research predicts that the number of people who will use eSIM while traveling will increase from 40 million in 2024 to 215 million in 2028. And in addition to the fact that more and more travelers use eSIM offers offered on the web, this increase would also be attributed to a cost comparison. Indeed, according to the study, in 2024, an operator’s subscriber would pay on average $8.57 per GB, on offers based on roaming. On the other hand, on offers based on eSIM, the cost of the connection would be, on average, $5.50 per GB.

Additionally, unlike purchasing a physical SIM card, once you arrive at your destination, the eSIM can be activated remotely. Once the user has registered with a specialized service, all they have to do is download and install the eSIM profile on their smartphone.

More and more compatible smartphones

As mentioned above, smartphone brands, as well as operating systems, are gradually pushing the adoption of eSIM. And, in 2023, Counterpoint Research explained that after passing an inflection point, eSIM technology is now entering a hypergrowth phase. This company says that by 2030, 70% of all cellular devices will be eSIM compatible. Furthermore, it should be remembered that in the United States, Apple has already buried the physical SIM card: its latest iPhones only accept eSIMs.

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