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Neveen Faress is a realtor that puts you and your property above all. She values a one-on-one client-realtor business relationship and takes the time to truly understand whom she works with in order to serve them best.

Before Neveen was a Realtor she attended Sheridan College and graduated from the Social Service Worker program. Neveen comes with a diverse occupational background. Having worked as a Social Worker, Teacher, Sales and Marketing Manager and Retail Manager she developed a variety of people and technology skills that are essential for the real estate career.

Being a Social Worker taught Neveen to be a compassionate realtor as well as the ability to relate with people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.   As a Teacher she adapted effective communication skills, strengthened her patience and broadened her vision on the importance of wholeness and balance of educating others. Through retail she learned the value of listening and multitasking. Lastly and most importantly, as a mother she exhibits: honesty, positivity, respect of others and commitment.

She is a strong believer that things happen for a reason. She feels that every job experience she's had has played a big role in being the  professional, dedicated and loyal realtor she is. If you are an international/local student, senior, young couple, single mom/dad, business man/woman or first time home buyer who is looking for help with your real estate needs, let Neveen Faress be your real estate tour guide.

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